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Fast, correct and timely service

We immediately prepare transport offer with competitive prices             

GPS tracking of shipments

We specialize in international  and combined cargo transport.

We transport both FTL (Full Truck load) and LTL (groupage loads).

We have 15 standard and mega compositions for cargo transportation.  

Roadpoint's vehicles fleet is new, reliable for transporting goods over long distances. 

Shipments can be tracked via GPS devices. 

Roadpoint VS has a license for the transport of waste and goods for recycling for: Bulgaria, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic.

We transport cargo intended for re-export to third countries: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and others.


Which routes we transport:


from/to Bulgaria

from/to Belgium

from/to Netherlands 

from/to England, Scotland 

from/to Germany

from/to Denmark

from/to Sweden

from/to Norway

from/to Finland

from/to the Czech Republic, as well

and other European countries.

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Our job

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Why choose Roadpoint VS 

Punctuality to agreed deadlines

GPS tracking of shipments

Reliable "Carrier Liability" insurance which will guarantee your security

Personal and qualified service

Competitive prices

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