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Car Trailers

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We offer factory new trailers for cars and vans.

We have single-axle and double-axle trailers for cars.

We have a wide variety of trailer sizes and extras.

We have more than 20 models in stock.


​You can also benefit from purchasing installment payments through our partner TBI Bank


Quick application and approval, takes only 30 minutes. We assist in lending under good conditions!


Choose your trailer and we will prepare its financing without visiting a Bank office.

Why purchase?



You can always carry your luggage independently.


Without breaking your personal vehicle.


You always have new equipment prepared to transport your bike, wood, pellets, old or new furniture, etc.

Easy for driving

All the trailers we offer could be driven by driving license category B.

No additional qualification is required to drive a trailer up to 750kg.



You have no maintenance costs

No insurance, vignette and tax for a car trailer.

Registration is easy, affordable and fast.

We offer registration assistance for all trailers purchased from us. 




You can travel in the country and abroad, as the trailers are new, reliable for a long way with European homologation.

Why choose us?

You can trust Roadpoint VS because we have a competent team and experience gained over the years. You can consult us to offer you the most suitable solution for you. The trailers we offer are factory new. We can deliver anywhere in Bulgaria as well as Europe according to the customers desire. We offer a leasing option and assistance from our side. They can also be seen at our Base in the town of Smolyan.


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