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The company Roadpoint VS carries out a permanent delivery of semi-trailers.

The main brands of semi-trailers we offer are: KÖGEL, SCHMITZ, KRONE, BERGER, SCHWARCHMULER (standard, mega and varios).

We offer delivery of semi-trailers purchased from us throughout Bulgaria and Europe. Some of the trailers are inspected and recycled, others are delivered directly to customers. 


​You can also benefit from purchasing installment payments through our partner 

TBI Bank


Quick application and approval, takes only 30 minutes. We assist in lending under good conditions!


Choose your trailer and we will prepare its financing without visiting a Bank office.

Recycling of semi-trailers

You can order or reserve a trailer and request additional services to be performed when the trailer arrives.


Each semi-trailer purchased can be equipped with 6 brand new tires GOODYEAR at preferential price from 1800 euros for the set.

Installation of packing case, pallet carriers, tire racks.

Sandblasting, painting of wheel rims, axels, bumpers, fenders, sides and doors.


Replacement of break discs and pads, maintains air suspensions bearings, brake cylinders, air bag  and ABS Modulator, AIR Crane(Walking system).

Change of tarpaulins with colors of the customer's choice.

Why choose us?

You can trust Roadpoint VS because we have a competent team and experience gained over the years. You can consult us to offer you the most suitable solution for you. The semi-trailers we offer are new imports, inspected in our workshop.  We deliver trailers anywhere in Bulgaria and the EU by client request. You have the option to order recycling of the semi-trailer, which is carried out by us. We offer a leasing option and assistance from our side. They can also be seen in our bases in the town of Smolyan or in the town of Plovdiv.


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